Make paintbrushing great again


Most people have made the transition to paint-rollers because paintbrushes have been reliable… till a certain point. Dripping paint is a nasty business and getting it all over your hands, floor, and worse, clothes is more than anyone bargained for. However, while rollers are convenient, they’re an absolute b**** to clean. Removing paint from inside the sponge is near impossible, which means you need a new roller every time you switch colors. So my question is, why not just mod the paintbrush to solve the dripping problem?

The answer to that question is the Brush Coat. Just a simple silicone sleeve that slides over the brush handle, this scoop shaped cone collects all the paint that drips downwards. Simple and delightful! Plus, since it’s made of soft plastic, you can flip it over and voila! It turns into an umbrella for your hand while painting!

The Brush Coat is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2016.

Designer: Wei Qichong