Wet N Seriously Wild

This far-out concept by Jurmol Yao takes extreme watersports to an entirely new level. The design falls somewhere between a wakeboard and jet ski, with a propulsion system built directly into the bottom of the board, allowing adrenaline junkies to get serious air or even “board” underwater. How? We’re not sure exactly, but we want it… now.

Designer: Jurmol Yao


  • Marcus says:

    It’s a copy of an existing product also called FlyBoard (retails for approx 4000€). Here is the link to the website of the manufacturer: http://www.zapata-racing.com/flyboard/

  • Elembee says:

    I also thought it was a copy first. But with the same name and Zapata (zr) logo, may be the designer just redesign Franck’s product.

  • soufiane says:

    i have seen this like of your’s marcus it’s good idee for extreem sport but we can make it more useful, maybe if we place it in the back and make more controlable by lateral get fixed in the back too.

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