A Hexacopter for Heavy Lifting


The Ehang Skyway expands on the brand’s line of high-quality drones, this time in the form of a hexacopter designed to capture stunning aerial footage.

The six propellers give this craft more maneuverability and flying power than your average quadcopter. It can also fly very steadily and reach higher altitudes. This combination of lift and stability allow users to equip it with different professional cameras, including HD, infrared for night surveillance, 360 cams, and a myriad of other gadgets to create amazing footage.

For easy and safe delivery between shoots, it also features a unique folding design to keep its blades out of harm’s way and reduces its footprint during transportation.

Designer: Darko Nikolić


“Designed with optional equipment in mind such as obstacle-avoidance system or secondary camera for pilot to improve flight in narrow spaces or while main camera is turned sidewards or backwards,” says designer Darko Nikolić.


“Skyway is based on intuitive flight control system via smartphone or tablet where different modes are available, also in combination with optional VR headset.”


“Its design is developed to make consistent line of Ehang’s products with their first consumer drone named Ghost so that brand can be easily recognized on the international market. To increase or reduce visibility for different applications and environments Skyway is designed to be produced in 3 different color options.”