Baby optical mouse, Adult optical mouse!


I’ll just say that I’m in complete love with this mouse. It does the two things it’s supposed to do, be clunky, and be flat. They contradict each other, right? That’s the problem, really. Mice need to be voluminous so they fit well into our palms. That’s ergonomics. However, if you want to carry your mouse with you in a laptop sleeve, bulky doesn’t work at all. That’s where you need sleek.

The Samsung mouse manages to pull off both those requirements with its compact, telescopic/collapsible design. A matte plastic outer sleeve holds the small electronic mouse module on the inside. This works just fine because plastic feels good to touch (honestly, the metal feel is overrated. I choose comfort over premium) and therefore comes right under your palm while the electronic part slides outwards, manifesting itself under your fingers. The entire design is arc shaped, giving it a definitive curve that allows for easy gripping (bulky), but when the mouse collapses into itself, it becomes half in curvature, almost becoming a sleek, flat, highly carry-able computer peripheral!

Designer: BKID Co.