Bend it like Beckham, Measure it like Messi


It seems as if we’re trying to put a chip in everything. Now this time, it’s our shoe. The Connected Cleat basically puts a bunch of sensors into your cleats that then constantly read data and give you a complete detailed analysis of your gameplay with numbers. I imagine that would work absolute wonders for the sports industry. After all, it isn’t cheating if you’re monitoring data. The module that fits into your shoe doesn’t enhance your performance… it just analyzes it up close.

What’s so marvelous is the size of this module. It fits cozily into the sole of the cleats in a way that doesn’t make you realize its there, while also being secure enough to never fall out mid-game. The cleats are designed around this module, giving you a complete footwear set that may just render your fitness tracker obsolete. Impeccably accurate gameplay data, right in your sporting equipment. I hope the sports execs are reading this!

Designer: Trevor Timson