The Touch-Feel Tumbler


Here’s something that’s just simple and beautiful. The Feelable cup has a tactile property that allows it to tell you the level of water without having to actually see the glass. Made for the visually impaired, this glass contains ridges and a flexible material on the inside that expand outwards when you pour water into the glass (given that the water exerts an outward pressure on the vessel). These inflated ridges tell you the level of the water in a pretty accurate way. Nifty, no?

Most people usually rely on their fingertips sensing the change in temperature, or even the change in the pitch of the gurgling sound when water falls into a glass. The Feelable cup brings a much more reliable physical element to the water-level gauging process.

The Feelable Cup is a Red Dot Design Award winner for the year 2016.

Designer: Yu Hoseong