Not enough pockets to carry your stuff? This outdoor jacket can instantly transform into a 35L backpack

Offering more space than all the pockets on your regular jacket combined, the JackBag is an outdoor jacket that flips inwards, shapeshifting into a 35L backpack on demand. It’s also waterproof, breathable, and comes with 14 different pockets for good measure. Talk about being a Jack(Bag) of all trades!

The JackBag serves a unique set of purposes – It’s a clever piece of hybrid fashion that’s convenient for when you want a bag or a jacket and you couldn’t remember to carry them. Nobody likes carrying an empty bag for the heck of it, and nobody likes wearing a jacket when the weather doesn’t demand it, so in its own inimitable way, the JackBag cleverly hits two birds with one stone. Transform it into a backpack when it’s hot, unfurl it into a jacket when it’s raining or cold, the JackBag’s shapeshifting nature is perfectly useful, even though its design brief sounds funny when you first hear it. If you asked me yesterday whether a jacket that turned into a backpack was a good idea, I’d think you were joking. Today, however, after seeing the JackBag, I can’t help but think that it’s quite a stroke of genius!

Designer: OuterNative

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $260 (47% off).

It’s unclear where the idea of the JackBag was born from, but the end result is a product that doesn’t compromise, even though it combines two different items into one single design. You’d expect a few tradeoffs as a result, but the JackBag is a pretty great drawstring bag as well as a highly functional outdoor jacket. As a drawstring bag, the JackBag comes with up to 35L of internal storage, while having a breathable mesh fabric on one side that keeps your back from getting sweaty. The bag (and conversely the jacket too) uses a rugged, dust-proof, water-repellent fabric that’s perfect for outdoor use, and even though the bag itself doesn’t come with compartments like your laptop bag does, it houses as many as 14 different pockets in its jacket avatar, allowing you to carry everything from your keys to a 10.5-inch tablet.

Flip the bag inside out and it magically transforms into a comfortable outdoor jacket that’s well-equipped for any adventure. The jacket itself uses JackBag’s proprietary OuternativeX Fabric™, a water-resistant, heat-trapping, quick-drying, and odor-free fabric that’s also durable and long-lasting.

The jacket comes with its own adjustable hood, pop-out fingerless gloves, and as many as 14 different pockets on the inside as well as the outside that let you carry practically any EDC object you’d need while traveling or outdoors, from your phone, wallet, and passport to even a foldable umbrella or an optional neck pillow. While the idea of 14 pockets may sound like a lot, the JackBag’s pocket layout helps evenly distribute the load across your body, so it doesn’t weigh you down. The high-quality zippers keep water and dust out of your pockets, and the JackBag itself protects you from the elements… and much more.

While the JackBag itself is a highly functional piece of apparel, it comes with two optional upgrades targeted around travel and commuting. The first is an optional upgrade to JackBag’s OuternativeX Reflector™ fabric, which turns the backpack and jacket into massive reflector panels that allow you to be visible in low-light settings to keep you safe from oncoming vehicles.

For ardent bicyclists, JackBag even offers an OuternativeX Armor™ upgrade with built-in shock-absorbing pads on the back, shoulders, and elbows that helps minimize impact during a fall, preventing injury.

Available for an early-bird discount of 47% OFF, the JackBag comes along with an inflatable neck pillow, a removable EDC pen, and a safety outdoor whistle. The JackBag itself is designed to be the perfect outdoor apparel, but the fact that it flips inward into a 35L drawstring backpack is sheer innovative thinking. Not only does its 2-in-1 design make it an incredibly convenient purchase, but the makers of JackBag are also quick to point out how wearing a JackBag also inadvertently gives you a backpack on demand, a feature that’s especially useful while you’re out grocery shopping and you forget to carry your own shopping bag. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $260 (47% off).