The slimmest smartphone ever built

There’s no better way to begin the new year than with some amazing tech. Right? What if I told you the NoPhone is the next big thing in smartphone design? It has no headphone jack, which is the upcoming trend. It also has no battery problems (cuz no battery). The absence of controls means you have a zero learning curve. And let’s be honest… you’ll never see a phone sleeker than this.

The NoPhone’s design is backed by incredible material choice. Crafted out of the most premium and finest military grade Air, the NoPhone is light, pocketable, and known to be waterproof, shockproof, and even scratchproof. Plus… So so sleek.

Editor’s note: Let’s welcome the new year with some good old humor. The NoPhone parody certainly makes me laugh but it also has a pretty strong underlying concept. In the rush to preserve and showcase memories, we often forget to live them. Ditch the selfie with a friend for a hug. Ditch the camera at the concert to actually enjoy the live show. Let’s live a life that’s less virtual and more authentic this year. A very happy new year to our fam from the Yanko Design team!

Designer: NoPhone Design

Buy It Here: $5.00