This Bluetooth keyboard with cushion palm rest intends to eliminate population with swollen, painful wrists

I have been using a keyboard for the most part of my work life, which is just short of 15 years now. During this time there have been a range of keyboards I have used and have experienced swollen wrists, tired forearms and sleepless nights. Thankfully there’s never been an episode of Carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s a common condition among many workaholics of the modern era; keyboard is one of the biggest contributors to the problem. Addressing the issue at its heart, a designer has conceived a mechanical keyboard with a cushioned armrest.

It’s little denying the fact that the time people use their keyboards has increased a great deal in the last decade. This dependence has also given rise to tunnel syndrome that causes tingling, numbness and at times severe pain in the forearm and the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome can worsen over time, if left untreated. To prevent the next generation from reaching a point where they have to deal with swollen and painful wrists due to extensive time typing on the keyboard, the mechanical, Bluetooth keyboard HUE_ is provided with a cushion palm rest.


There are many keyboards out there that come with a secondary palm rest or one with an embedded option. However, they are inconvenient to travel with. This is the second big problem the HUE_ intends to address. For this, the cushion palm rest folds over the keyboard like a tablet cover, to render it extremely portable and protect it from accidental falls and spills. Being mechanical, the keyboard also allows the user to change the keys like any other variant currently on the market.

Designed with the idea of comfort and safety, the cushiony extension of the keyboard ensures the forearm and wrist are comfortably positioned while typing. This leaves the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm of the hand, relaxed. The median nerve, if compressed at the wrist can lead to Carpal tunnel syndrome. Adding to user convenience, the palm rest is detachable; it can be easily removed for washing or if you don’t want to use it for some reason.