Aerial Grand Prix!


Today marks a big day for drone tech. Amazon, the e-retail giant, conducted its first successful drone delivery today, giving one lucky customer their consignment completely via a drone. Drones, no matter how much you love or hate them, have come a long way in the past decade, and If you were to ask me what the coming decade would look like, I’d give you a simple answer. Drone NASCAR. Or NASDAR?

nepdesign seems to share that very outlook, and have given us a taste of the drone racing world with their Racing Drone concept. Designed with a sort of 360° streamlined shape, these drones are about looking badass, and slicing through the air with absolute speed. In fact, to make them do that with greater efficiency, nepdesign has even visualized a carbon fiber variant. Although how would you make a racetrack for something that flies in the air?? Hmmm…

Designer: nepdesign