Triangle of Life

During the earthquake(s) this year in china, more than a few students and other civilians were seriously injured or killed by the tables they were hiding under. Haishan Deng has a definite swipe of a solution for instances such as these. Using the physics of the “Triangle of Life” Deng presents: the “Life Desk.”

The Life Desk is open for learning during regular times, and closed for danger during times of trouble. The main structure is high strength steel and nylon board, while the side structure is molten steel molded round to disperse stress.

Deng has already interviewed with the Bureau of Education in China and they will be producing a limited amount of these desks to try them out in schools. The cost of one desk is 80 Euro – anyone know how much a regular, non-earthquake table costs?

And, of course, how much is one life worth?

Designer: Haishan Deng