This ultra-customizable LEGO mouse transforms into any preferred shape and button placement configuration

Whether you are a content creator, digital artist, software programmer or professional gamer – mouse is one accessory you interact with the most. No matter which top-rated mouse you choose from reliable names like Logitech, Corsair, Razer or SteelSeries; the buck stops at how much freedom there’s when it comes to customizability and of course the ergonomic comfort.

If you want to go a step further for crazy freedom of customization then nothing comes close to the Mad Catz R.A.T. 8+ Adjustable Wired Gaming Mouse. However, if you are longing for something more subtle without sacrificing the ultra-customizable features, this concept is it.

Designer: Subin Kim, HyoRyung Choi, Eojin Jeon and Dohee Kim

Breaking the notions of contemporary mouse design, this design peps up your desk and workstation setup. The Clickbrick gives users the complete freedom to customize the shape, button placement, and other settings for a fun working experience. The LEGO element elevates the appeal without question as you satisfyingly assemble your mouse for a gaming weekend and then turn it back into a graphics design mouse for weekdays.

Clickbrick has a base assembly on which the cute little LEGO bricks can be stacked to create the best-suited ergonomic shape and button placement. All the switch buttons and touch scrolls have electrical signals for smooth operation. In total, there are 58 individual parts including the click buttons, scrolls and LEGO parts. Just imagine assembling your desired mouse setup and then using it, before you get bored and go for another completely different configuration.

Unlike other concept designs that focus just on aesthetics and function, the designers here have envisioned a real product with a complete set of specifications like 2.4 Ghz connectivity, 30 hours battery life, adjustable 800 -1600  DPI and intricate packaging details. Every little detail is kept in mind and I already want to order (if that would someday be possible) this custom assembly mouse in LEGO flavor, don’t you?