A Slice of the Universe on your Wrist

When I look at the Cosmos, I feel like a sailor, steering a ship through not water, but infinite space. The Cosmos is an incredibly exquisite watch with dial designs you won’t have seen anywhere. Each dial is made to look different, yet perform the same function, making it effortless, and an absolute delight to read the time.

The Cosmos’ dial design really shines through with its meticulously layered approach. Intricately cut sheets of razor thin stainless steel form the dial’s rotating hands, or rather discs. However, these are no comparison for the two sapphire rings that bear markings for the hours and minutes. Their impeccable, clear finish make the numbers and markings look like they’re suspended in the infinite cosmos, hence the name. The rotating dials support this design philosophy with their orbital movement, making the Cosmos perfectly embody the confluence of Space and Time!

The Cosmos hides sheer craftsmanship under its beautiful outer surface. Aside from the precisely cut and sand-blasted stainless steel dials, the sapphire rings are assembled with immense dexterity. The hour ring is screwed in place using four embellished screws… an incredibly difficult task, given how susceptible sapphire is to cracking. The watch boasts of a bezel-less design with a double domed sapphire window on the outside. This gives the watch an immaculate appearance, complementing the two other sapphire rings below. Beneath all this sits the Miyota 9015 which powers the Cosmos with perfect Japanese-engineered accuracy. The inner mechanics can be viewed from a window on the back of the watch. The Cosmos comes in three glorious variants, namely Steel, Rose Gold, and for the dreamer, PVD Blue. If you love the idea of having a bejeweled, sapphire-layered intergalactic art-piece on your wrist, the Cosmos may just be the perfect watch for you!

Designer: Zelos Watches

Buy It Here: $649.00 $849.00 Cyber Monday Special (Valid until 11/29)