But Baby it’s cold outside!


Google Now, Siri, Cortana, they’re all great. They’ll tell you what time your favorite movie is playing at your nearby theater. They’ll tell you which roads on your way to work are congested with traffic. However although the information they provide is usually highly specific to your location and interests, they don’t provide location specific weather data.

Your AI assistant will tell you the general weather forecast and temperature of the area, usually a city… rather than temperature readings of your immediate surroundings. You may be living near greenery or the coast, making temperatures vary by as much as 3-5°C, or your area may be experiencing rainfall while other parts of the city remain dry and you should be aware of that. The Turo brings that power to you in its incredibly small yet powerful size. Available as two separate units (a temperature sensor and a display), the Turo can be fixed anywhere, even indoors. The display module can be kept separately at a location of your choosing, allowing you to view the temperature with ease. The paired mobile app becomes an extension for the display, giving you temperature readings no matter where you are.

Turo’s philosophy extends towards providing you location specific temperature readings anywhere. The app gathers readings of Turos placed around the world, giving you access to readings in different parts of the city, or different cities. Imagine knowing that the coffee shop you’re headed to is experiencing a slight drizzle, allowing you to prepare in advance. Thanks to the Turo, your day’s now going to be Turiffic!

Designer: Justeen Lee (Zhendong Li)