This emotion-controlling wearable gives you Black Mirror + Iron Man feels

People will usually ask you what are you wearing or what are you eating, but can you imagine being asked what emotion have you picked today? Because if you are wearing Hapbee you can actually answer that odd yet interesting question. Hapbee is the world’s first wearable that lets you feel calm, alert, focused, relaxed or sleepy on command! Will it be revolutionary or just take us one step closer to becoming androids? One user literally said he felt like Iron Man and I am here for it.

While it may seem like a device straight out of a Black Mirror episode, Hapbee (which comes from the word ‘happy’) actually wants to make life easier by giving us the capability to balance and control our emotions. There are 15 years of research and development that have gone into designing Hapbee with patented technology. It uses electromagnetic frequencies that are even lower than your phone’s to better your mental health without causing any permanent changes to who you really are. The device is actually a boon if you look at it from a psychological lens. It can reduce stress, help you sleep better and be more productive at work – three things the entire world could use to deal with the pandemic without increasing their load of emotional trauma. There are many people dealing with high-level anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders for whom coping with the pandemic can be paralyzing and Hapbee can be a relief.

“It’ll allow you to experience the feelings and sensations you desire almost instantly, without ingesting any harmful substances or chemicals while having the ability to return to your normal baseline state within a matter of minutes,” says the team behind Hapbee. Think of it as a playlist for your emotions. The device syncs to your smartphone so you can control it with an app. The physical product is lightweight enough to wear as an accessory around your neck or as a headband, it is visually subtle and should blend with your style. In a world after COVID-19 we will all have to work a little harder on caring for our mental health to get over this big life change, devices like Hapbee can truly change the game. Now I know why the user felt like Iron Man, it is the subtle breathing-like glow from the logo…good thing it has no shrapnel! Cue song – because I’m Hapbeeeeee.

Designer: Pat Murray of Hapbee