The Most Fun Lamp/Power-bank EVER!

Honestly though. The Lunar lantern is just the most nerdy, fun lamp you’ll ever own. Trust it to be the perfect addition to your parties or camping trips because it’ll get everyone talking in no time! Designed to work like a gas lantern, the lamp spreads a wonderful incandescent glow, mimicking the warmth and the aura of the vintage gas lanterns. The fun bit is that it even comes with the twisting diffuser knob that absolutely recreates the feel of the lantern from Ye Olde days!

The Lunar lamp was designed to be a lamp with a strong identity and experience but it does a pretty marvelous job as a functional product too. When it isn’t sitting in the middle of a group of huddled people singing songs or sharing ghost stories, it works as a powerful handheld torch too. The Lantern module snaps right off and gets replaced by a torch module that comes with a convenient handle for gripping. The torch module can further be swapped for an ambient-light module that works perfectly for mood or night lighting. It even glows in the dark, guiding your path even when it’s off!

When it isn’t being the most interactive, fun lamp in the world, the Lunar allows you to charge your mobile phone. The main hub that gets connected to all the lighting attachments is actually a battery, providing you with light when you need it, and access to your smartphone at other times!

What makes Lunar such a winner though is that as a product, it does more than look and perform beautifully. It comes with an identity that speaks to users that brings about an emotion in them. It may work wonderfully as a lantern, torch, and mood light (plus power bank), but as Johnnie Manzari, the human interface designer at Apple said… People are attracted to stories, not feature lists. And that’s what is so beautiful and inviting about the Lunar lamp.

Designer: Royce YU

BUY IT HERE: $52.00 $75.00