Honey I shrunk the Microscope!

I don’t like saying that the phone camera killed the DSLR, but it sure is set to. Phone camera sensors now pack such a punch that filmmakers are now shooting films on them too. Now the phone’s chosen its next rival… the microscope! Blips by Smart Micro Optics gives your camera lens supervision by just pasting a highly precise ‘blip’ shaped lens against your phone camera. Do that, and you’ll become the monarch of macro photography! The Blip doesn’t stop at macro though… It comes with a Micro lens too that allows you to photograph at a cellular level! Buy the lab kit and you’ll even get your own microscope slides and a complete setup to mount your phone and click away.

The crazy bit about the Blips is that their lenses are as microscopic as the subjects of your photographs! They come mounted on a repositionable glue tape that you just stick on your phone and un-peel when you’re done. They even come with a bundled app that allows you to click macro and micro photos with greater ease. Now that’s what you call a small wonder!

Designer: Andrea Antonini

Buy It Here: $80.59