This $149 gadget is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for livestreamers, gamers, and designers

The Live S arrives as Loupedeck’s first product since its acquisition by Logitech. Designed to be the smallest of the company’s streaming consoles, the Loupedeck Live S is an affordable gadget for the on-the-go livestreamer or someone looking to dip their toe into streaming, content creation, or design. With 15 haptic display buttons, 4 RGB buttons, 2 rotary knobs, and a rather affordable $149 price tag, the customizable control center is perfect for multitaskers looking to boost their productivity, or streamers/podcasters who want everything right at their fingertips.

Designer: Loupedeck

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At its core, the Loupedeck Live S is a streamlined version of its predecessors, featuring two tactile analog knobs, four physical buttons, and 15 touch-sensitive LCD squares. These elements provide a tactile and responsive experience, allowing users to adjust settings like volume, switch scenes, and toggle functions with ease and precision. The touch-sensitive buttons, although lacking physical feedback, confirm every touch with haptic feedback, enhancing the user experience.

The device, slightly larger than a typical cellphone, is compact enough to fit comfortably on any desk. Its stand, snapping securely onto the back, props it up at a convenient angle for easy access. Buttons with individual displays dynamically light up to let you know which shortcut or application they’re assigned to. The display built into each button means easily being able to switch between applications, shortcuts, and environments and having the Loupedeck adapt to the moment.

Setting up the Live S is straightforward: plug in, install the software, and you’re ready to dive into its functionalities. The graphical user interface is simple yet powerful, allowing easy drag-and-drop customization. Users can set multiple profiles and workspaces, and the device seamlessly transitions between these based on the selected application. The Loupedeck Live S supports a plethora of native plugins for popular software like OBS, Twitch, Spotify, and a range of Adobe products. Beyond these, users can also create or import custom profiles and icons for virtually any application or game, making it a highly adaptable tool for a variety of tasks.

While its primary market is streamers and content creators, the Loupedeck Live S has proven its worth in other domains. It’s been lauded for its usefulness in enhancing productivity, especially in work-from-home setups, offering quick access to frequently used functions and applications. This versatility extends to gaming and other entertainment applications, with users able to tailor the device to their specific needs.

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