World’s first Day & Night watch is a bold design that will revitalize every watch collector’s collection

Swiss watches are a stamp of authority. The undying appreciation of their craft has undoubtedly enthused the watchmakers, giving them even more reason to push their limits to create the next timepiece that captures the onlookers’ interest while bringing new functionality to the collector’s wrist. To bring some freshness to the wristwatch industry, one approach can be to artistically represent the visual elements in combination with the balanced design aesthetics that make your sport a wristwatch every single day from the moment you bought it. Perhaps, it’s time to make that move and embellish your wrist with a watch that’s one of its kind, oozing with the harmonious balance of bold design and style that anyone can’t help but notice.

The brainchild of Stefano Braga Watches based in Tramelan (a small town in the Bernese canton in Switzerland) the artistically designed HYPERION wristwatch sporting a stainless steel DLC body represents the perfect amalgam of the celestial dance, as the stunning moon phase and sun phase indicators each cover half of the 40mm dial. The idea of displaying the celestial bodies is unique as the designer merges the fine taste of Swiss watchmaking while reflecting the balanced aesthetics of the smooth transition from the day to the night time. The 3 ATM water-resistant hybrid watch is complemented perfectly by the precise Ronda 505.24 (with in-house SBW-05 modification) Swiss movement and Italian leather manufacturing giving the watch a distinct appeal. Hyperion is the only watch in the world to have a half dial with Sun and Moon’s details marking the phases of the day, making it as rare as it can be.

According to Stefano Braga, every day is a small death and a small rebirth and to represent this complexity perfectly, they’ve crafted the watch with a Ying Yang shape that breaks down the barriers of cultural diversity – as the Japanese call it “Ying Yang”, and the Greeks like to call it “Nemesis”. The idea is to represent the balance of the universe and its governing laws, making this watch contemporary yet embedded with the complexity of mathematical calculations, forming the harmony between balanced design and stylish functionality. HYPERION also resonates with the complex yet delicate balance between Sun, Moon, Day, and Night – that keeps you grounded at all times – giving one the sense of the core motive of creating this timeless timepiece.

The vivid dial color options in white, black, green, orange, red, grey, teal, and more – are truly balanced out by the plethora of straps options that come in premium handmade Barbour leather or classic suede options – again in colors that you’ll have a hard time choosing from. Truly HYPERION has managed to strike the perfect design integrity with its balanced bold aesthetics. As Dylan Thomas stated, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ – with the never before seen Day & Night half dial, you will be the center of attention wherever you walk in with this watch on your wrist.

Designer: Stefano Braga

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HYPERION: The Watch With Half Dial Day & Night Mode

Hyperion is the only watch in the world to have a half dial with Sun and Moon’s details marking the phases of the day.

Day & Night

A day lasts 24 hours and is equally divided between sun and moon, day and night. Their disk moves according to this principle. Over time, the sun replaces the moon and vice versa, showing the perfect cycle of life and balance.


Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $321 (25% off). Hurry, only 12 watches left!