The Gravity-defying dishwasher!


Here’s some food for thought. The top-load washing machine came long before the front-load washing machine. It was effective, easy, and people still use it today. Why has the dishwasher not seen that evolution? Dishwashers are all front-loaded, which seems natural, but means the door needs to be absolutely water-tight and as a designer, that doesn’t come cheap. It also means you need a considerable bit of space to open the dishwasher.

Mohsen and Behzad’s vertical dishwasher solves those two problems. They tackle the more obvious problem of space in today’s cramped apartment with a novel design that opens upwards. The door lifts upwards to display an entire rack that can be loaded and then inserted into the washing cabinet. The vertical design means waterproofing comes easy, and it also solves an additional problem of bending downwards to load and unload the dishwasher. Incredibly simple, or simply incredible? Or both?!

Designers: Mohsen Jafari Malek & Behzad Taheri.