Supertainment for Superphones!


VR COOLPRO1 is a mobile VR device designed for use with the hotly anticipated Le Superphones. Using its own app which supports video content on the LeEco platform, it combines high technology, fine craftsmanship, and discerning aesthetics, designed to bring virtual reality to a new level by providing a superior and satisfying experience.

The design is based on a visual optical system with an in-built high-accuracy IMU sensor. It displays a 3D desktop via the phone screen to provide stunning, theater-like audiovisual effects with traditional 2D/3D videos and other immersive experiences such as 360° panoramic videos and VR games. Specially designed to work with Le Superphones with in-depth optimization at the system level, this virtual reality goggle delivers incredible, immersive experiences like no other.

Designer: Duo Li