A Smarter Shave


Halo is a smart electric shaver/trimmer combo that learns your unique mug! Rather than rough up your face by going over areas up and down, over and over, Halo adjusts to the contours of your face to ensure you get the perfect shave each time.

The design is equipped with gyroscopic positioning sensors on the head of the shaver and each corner that memorize every inch of your face. After the edges and contours are recorded, the shaver adapts for the best shave. After just a few times, Halo practically knows your face just as well as your barber would! It adjusts its head rotation and blade force accordingly so you don’t have to struggle and grind your face time after time in front of the mirror just to get a good clean shave.

Of course, grooming isn’t just about a clean shave. Halo also doubles as a trimmer. A very precise one at that. To trim instead of a clean shave, simply scroll the wheel to the length you want and the head adjusts itself automatically.

Better yet, it features a fingerprint scanner so no sneaky roommates or guests can give it a go!

Designer: Debaser Design