Ditch your Smartphone alarm for Luna!


The modern lifestyle’s really been a blessing and curse to our sleeping patterns. I say curse, because we now sleep at erratic times, don’t get fitful sleep, and let’s not even get into the radiation we’re exposed to because of our smartphones. I also say blessing because with the modern lifestyle came technology, which brought us Luna!

Now Luna’s not just an alarm clock. She (let’s just humanize her a bit) comes with quite a character. She loves it when you sleep and wake up on time. She also loses it when you disobey her, turning red and literally screaming at you when you don’t cooperate! Luna comes with a tiny wrist-strapped vibrating capsule that’ll provide you with an actual tactile alarm along with the sound. Luna’s also clever enough to accept two different alarms for two different people and optimize them so that the person with the earlier alarm doesn’t wake up the person who wants to be woken up later. Cool, innit?! To top things off, Luna comes with Constellation, its set of ambient smart-lights that you can scatter around the house. How does it work? Constellation illuminates with a faint but visible glow whenever you’re around. Perfect for when you’ve woken up mid-sleep to check on something, or to empty the tank if you get what I mean! PIR sensors know when you’re around, switching on and off only when you enter and exit the room, making it perfect because you don’t have to fumble for the lights in the dark, and then be woken up by the brightness of those very lights! Quite the conventional alarm-clock killer, this Luna!

Designer: Tom Shirley