Thought-provoking visuals that challenge the way you perceive objects around you

Quarantine times has our imagination kicking into overdrive as we stay at our home or safe haven and by now, looking at the same 4 walls is making you see things (unless you’re lucky enough to live in a spacious place with a yard or a pool) When it comes to creative visualization, however, designer Jose Navarro takes the prize! Using a blend of Photoshop, Illustrator, and a high dose of imagination, Jose takes a twist on everyday objects to create thought-provoking visuals that take a hard look at life and are sure to give you some food for thought. And who knows, this may just inspire you to see beyond the obvious and let your creativity flow.

For instance, his piece titled CONVICT-19 is an apt description of the mood of the planet. While we all sit quarantined, we are just waiting for the moment COVID dies down, getting the virus in control or literally chained up to free the human race…

Pharmaceutical Vampires come out and play with the creatures of the night. Afterall an addiction is an addiction, be it for drugs or for blood.

When coffee and cigarettes is a way of life instead of a bad habit you can’t kick away.

Choose your partners wisely, what you choose will be what you will get more of and this is a life lesson.

Cut Life is a visual ode to the fact that life needs more green instead of the blades cutting down our forests.

I do imagine in prehistoric times, the genius caveman used Ladybugs to roll and count his moves while playing Dinosaurs and ladders (because if you have dinosaurs to worry about, no snake is going to scare you!)

Titled broken, this thought-provoking visual speaks of soul mates that come from the same shell, but differences break them apart.

Summertimes in quarantine be like this…

Time vs. Vaccine. Dedicated to all the healthcare professionals working tirelessly against the clock to save lives and find a cure for this pandemic.

Last but not the least, this one is dedicated to the 1 am ideas that pop into our head, ruin our sleep, and won’t get out of our mind only to find out in the morning the idea had a major loophole!