The smartbag that makes smartwatches useless

This bag has controls. CONTROLS! HiSmart is literally (and you can take my word for this) the most happening bag I’ve ever seen. Normally I’m never this excited by fashion, but the HiSmart isn’t just fashion. Touted as the future of bags, HiSmart is great product design, on every level. As a bag, it’s pretty unique looking, with a large spun-metal fidlock that opens and closes the bag. Once your eye diverts from this metallic pendant, you notice the rest of the bag and its incredible craftsmanship. Waterproof Canvas body that almost looks like leather (which works great, because the straps are Italian leather), diagonal ziplines, multiple storage compartments, and a layout that switches between backpack and messenger bag, without jumbling up the stuff you have inside!!

Impressed? Well, I haven’t gotten to the best bit yet. On the strap of the HiSmart bag lies another jewel, similar to the fidlock on the bag. This, however is a smart-dial (that’s actually a remote) with an incredible set of controls, allowing you to run phone-based tasks without your phone! You can play/pause music, switch tracks, answer calls, trigger selfies, pin locations, and even remotely locate your phone! Yes… your BAG does all that now! So just go ahead and ditch that smart-wearable you have on your wrist. It’s finally obsolete.

Designer: Lepow Design

Buy It Here: $189 $279