Motorola just did a Phonebloks!


Alas, Google Ara. It wasn’t your time. May you rest in peace. However, thanks for giving us Moto Z! Moto Z is creating a buzz in the tech world by making a very bold move and being a truly modular phone with third-party snap-on accessories. The phone comes pretty slim, so that the snapped on mods don’t make it too thick. The trade-off of this is the massive coin-stack camera bump , but it acts as a holder for the modular units too. The current roster of Moto-Mods include a snap-on battery pack, a crazy awesome optical-lens camera that will seriously raise the bar for smartphone photography, a JBL stereo speaker that makes this the first time anyone ever paid attention to mobile phone audio since probably the death of Sony Walkman… and a Motorola built portable projector, destroying the phablet market, because you can now have a screen as big as you want!

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to see something this groundbreaking since probably the Microsoft Hololens!

Designers: Motorola, JBL, Hasselblad & Incipio.