This spacecraft-inspired trendy urban scooter is in part powered by solar energy

A spacecraft design-inspired urban ride powered by the electric motor which is charged by the solar energy panels right where the fuel tank of a gasoline-powered counterpart would be.

Personal daily commuters have become a thing lately due to the eco-conscious behavior among the masses and an increasing number of vehicles on the roads worldwide. Compact electric scooters have garnered attention owing to this fact. But one has to consider their function and looks as well, to be considered an attractive proposition for riders.

Designer: Fajar Ismail

The Stellar electric scooter falls right in the sweet spot of a highly functional and stylish commuter with something more to keep riders hooked. It’s envisioned as a compact fun ride for short-mid-range distance commutes sans any emissions. To feed the battery with more juice, there’s a solar panel embedded in the front flat section. As far as my imagination goes, the scooter will benefit the maximum from the limitless sun’s energy in tropical regions. Take it out of the city for motocamping or other weekend outdoor activities, and you’ll be in for a fun time.

According to the designer, the two-wheeler is based on the Quest Atom Alpha EV chassis and on other end of the spectrum draws inspiration from spacecraft design too. The lightweight electric scooter gets added features to improve riding comfort and efficiency. Styling ques follow a layered geometric design emulated in the aluminum body panels. For better rideability on rough surfaces, the scooter gets a modern dual springer fork and a rigid frame for structural strength.

For once, a concept two-wheeler design doesn’t ignore the riding comfort of the seat (we’ve seen way many with very eye-sore aesthetics) which is a big relief. A digital display or even an analog tachometer would have been a wise addition, but other than that, this urban scooter manages to do everything right.