Your Personal Bluetooth Trigger

Yes, the EmoFix is a trigger to help you shoot, but it helps you shoot memories. Designed as an accessory that simply enables photo capture and video recording, the EmoFix’s neat, laconic design does more than look minimal and pretty. It hosts some great tech under the hood, and enables the tactile experience of the pressing of a button.

Outwardly just a slick metal square, you can carry the EmoFix along with you easily like a keychain. Just have it paired to your phone via Bluetooth and the EmoFix can take snaps or record video just at the press of a button. It comes with a distance range of 30ft and even works underwater (which is quite the heaven-sent because capacitive touch underwater is an absolute nightmare). Using Low Energy Bluetooth to work its wireless magic, the EmoFix claims to have a battery back-up of two years! Think of all the possibilities! Remote Selfie Capture, Nature Photography, Covert Surveillance… how many can you think of??

Designer: Dmytro Bershadskyy

Buy It Here: $24.00 $35.00