Mercenary with minty breath


I’ve never needed to escape a near death situation while brushing my teeth…so far. It’s relieving, however, to know that should such a situation arise, I’m taken care of. The TT Tactical Toothbrush is your dentist approved toothbrush, built to actually be a weapon (not the kinds against cavities). It comes with sturdy construction, in three colours saluting the three forces. At the end of the handle is a metal tip that can be used as an escape tool or as a lethal weapon.

Better not carry this one on the airplane!

Designers: Jake Tankel and Antony Richards






  • Joey says:

    “Yeah, I saw this up on Kickstarter the other day. The campaign looks good. Backed it for my BF!

  • Etherealicer says:

    Love the idea to add function to an item you carry so often with you.

    This toothbrush is especially designed for travels, yet it comes without cover? That is in my eye a serious flaw.
    I also question the utility of a glass breaker on your toothbrush, wouldn’t a hidden handcuff key make more sense? 😀

  • Gus 3 says:

    I like the concept of a Tactical Toothbrush however, it needs a few minor tweaks to be truly tactical. Make it titanium, with a screw on cover, and an interchangeable bristle head, then it would be top of the line. Take some cues from The Rick Hinderer Tactical Pen .

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