Intense Gymming and Intense Jamming!

Just like you’ve got regular drinks, and then you’ve got Red Bull; you’ve got regular earphones, and then you’ve got the AxumGear. Even with its small size, it’s a beast of an earphone, and it’s meant for people who beast it out physically training themselves. Most earphones have a trade-off between aesthetics, compactness, and sound-quality. AxumGear isn’t most earphones. In spite of its size, the earphones implement the M-Void technology, used in high-end automotive audio systems to generate high-fidelity sound with a mesmerizing surround sound experience. Now imagine that feeling packed in two earbuds that fit into your palm! The AxumGear are machined out of metal and come ensconced beautifully in a silicone case that nestles in your ear cavity (the concha). The silicone jacket design ensures the AxumGear never fall out clumsily while working out, no matter how intense your routine is. The silicone jacket is designed to be waterproof too, so you can sweat it out while listening to your jam. The jackets visually form a transparent layer on top of the metal, giving it a brilliant matte finish. The red streaks almost echo power and speed (here comes my red bull metaphor!).

The AxumGear are wireless as wireless gets. They come in a svelte triangular metal vial which also doubles up as a charging case. Just place the earphones into their respective docks and they charge wirelessly. The docking vial/case gives the earphones up to 4 extra hours of playback. And with the playback being backed by M-Void’s stellar audio reproduction technology, those four hours of workout are going to be hella awesome!

Designer: Bebop Designers

Buy It Here: $149.00 $299.00