The Award-winning Wheel Reflector That Instantly Make Biking Safer

Bicycles have always been the healthier way of commuting, but there’s still a long way to go to make bicycle riding as safe as sitting inside a car. Bikes are fast, but incredibly quiet, and given their size, they aren’t as visible as a car with its flashy headlights, taillights, and loud horn. So in a world that desperately needs to re-embrace cycling as a way of commuting, the FLECTR 360 Omni wants to provide a small-footprint high-impact solution to make bicycling safer.

The FLECTR 360 Omni are superiorly engineered adhesive reflector panels that provide 360° coverage. From wherever a car headlight may hit the bike, FLECTR 360 Omni will grab the driver´s attention making the biker visible with a stunning glow. Designed to be mounted on the rims of a bicycle’s wheels FLECTR 360 Omni requires no electronics, battery, or upkeep. The FLECTR 360 Omni lights up your wheels by reflecting the headlights of all vehicles around you, making you visible to avoid collisions. The panels kick in immediately when it starts getting dark and one’s visibility begins reducing, eliminating the need to remember to switch it on. It simply works when necessary and remains inconspicuous in bright daylight. The 360 Omni comes in a unique parallelogram shape that fits well over any sort of wheel rim, and FLECTR also includes cutting guides to help trim its size to suit your wheel-type.

The breakthrough for the 360 Omni is its use of metalized cube-corner prisms for reflectors rather than relying on simple glass bead technology. The prisms help reflecting light more efficiently back to the light source, turning it into a bright shine on your wheels. Weighing in at just 2 grams, the FLECTR is lightweight and has a zero impact on the bike’s performance or aerodynamics. The FLECTR 360 Omni lights up when the bike’s static, creating distinct, visible patches of light, but things get even more interesting when you’re riding your bike. FLECTR´s rotating, pulsing and moving reflections light up the entire rim, dramatically increasing one’s visibility, making bicycling much safer.

Designers: Kai Wiehagen & Jorg Neugebauer

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FLECTR 360 OMNI wraps razor-thin around your rims and from wherever car headlights are approaching, it grabs the driver´s attention. All around, without exception.

360 degree visibility. Multi-direction reflectivity increases your safety.


Non-static light patterns. Rotating, pulsing and moving light grabs extra attention.


No air drag & no dynamic imbalance. With a set weight of just 2 grams, FLECTR 360 OMNI leaves your wheel´s performance unaffected.


Custom reflective film technology. Unique 3D conformable film with reliable bond & dirt-repellend surface.


One size design. With a simple cut along the integrated cutting aids you adapt FLECTR 360 OMNI to your rims.


Microprismatic technology. Highest possible reflection from thousands of metalized cube-corner prisms. Forget about simple glas bead reflectors.


How it works. The arched profiles of modern bike rims offer a perfect base for an adhesive wide-angle reflector as there are multiple plains for reflection. The two-piece FLECTR 360 OMNI wraps around the rim from both sides and overlaps onto the rim vertex. The advantage: gap-free reflection from all sides.


Are reflectors better than electric bike lighting? Reflectors have a big advantage over electric lighting – they do not require maintenance and are still there for you even if your lighting fails. But both, reflectors and bicycle lighting form a system and should always be used together. You decide how much safety you need to feel comfortable cycling.

Click here to Buy Now: $17.00