Let Music Bring You Together

Sure, these days you can listen to any music anywhere at any time… but chances are you’ll experience choice overload and there’s still nothing quite like sharing and discovering tunes with friends and loved ones! Musikbox 1188 encourages this form of sharing between peers and, better yet, you can do it remotely!

The minimalistic design keeps things clean and simple. Four slots can be assigned to four individual friends who can pair their profile to the device. A single light point indicates whether one of the previously assigned friends is listening to music at the moment or not. Then, you can drop a small cylindrical knob into the slot to instantaneous tap into what they’re listening to. The little cylindric knob is magnetically attracted to the round holes, making it fun to play around and skip between slots. This playful, almost toy-like, interaction encourages the user to explore and experience new music while deepening the relationship with each individual!

Designer: Ludwig Rensch