Stunning Ceramic Interiors


For over fifty years, Cedit – Ceramiche d’Italia has been renowned for material experimentation and stylistic research that have revolutionized ceramics. Working with many notable architects, designers and artists of the from different generations, they look to the future with these stunning original interior looks presented at 2016 Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile, each with its own unique interpretation of the ceramic material.

Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò | BRH+ (pictured above) define a collection that explores the texture of cement, obtained through different components mixture and superficial finishes. Defined by a wide spectrum of modular combinations between the single elements, enriching the slabs’ range with graphic patterns created by linear engravings, then grouted in stark hues, according to geometries derived by the patterns of handmade embroideries typical of the Italian tradition.


Franco Guerzoni transfers on large surfaces the painting style that identifies his body of work, achieving flat slabs characterized by articulate backgrounds, with movement obtained by superimposing and subtracting delicate matters and thick and fragmented pigmentations.

Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto | Studio Zanellato Bortotto draw a sequence of visions inspired by the texture of different plastered walls, selected according to the different degree of wear and exposure to the corrosive elements, dictated by the stratification of substances, which are true to the time and tell the memories and the reflections of a given environmental context.


Giorgio Griffa gives breath to intense, calligraphic brush strokes, making his work recognizable, giving continuity to the definition of a visual code revealed by a sequence of expressive marks in which the chromatic component, watery and soft in its frequencies, gains a defining value.


Marco Casamonti | Archea Associati codes new chromatic color ranges to reveal the shining and iridescence typical of the metallic surfaces, by fixing in a precise moment the different stages of the metal’ passivation.

Matteo Nunziati interprets the surfaces of the textile yarn, making a specific reference to the fabrics decorated with stylized drawings, giving the ceramic surface new perspectives in terms of perceptive output and an unprecedented tactile experience.