Cutter Safe For Fingers

Safety Cutter is a simple stationery project that looks at adding functionality to the ruler and taking care of your fingers at the same time. The cutter is integrated into the ruler for a reason…to locate it easily in your stationery stash, plus the rigid support will help you cut the sheet (or whatever it is that you were cutting) with confidence. Not a really dynamic project, but what I really found interesting was the way the blade gets a protective sheath. Look at 5th image to know what I am talking about.

Designer: Han Ji Yeon

[youtube: 605 445]


  • Chris says:

    can someone please explain how this works out for left handed people?

    thanks Chris

    • Bianca says:

      you could try putting the ruler on the opposite side…

    • Jay says:

      You may put in the blade on the opposite side..

      • mikynite says:

        Good Solution,Jay.
        but it’s not Universal-Design.
        I would rather design the guide bar as both-side type.
        Then you don’t need to change the blade.

  • jack says:

    hey common~

    That is already existed for children.

    please keep doing research!!! why you do not have research…

    Have you kept design-process for design?

    I have both right hand and left hand as two type.

    Don’t copy!

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