Portable Audio’s Next BIG thing!

It’s difficult not to get excited by the Ropes headphones. Before I get into the hardware and design details, let’s appreciate how awesome Ropes is as a brand! Ropes, for one, comes from a co-creator of Beats by Dre, meaning you’re going to have a top-notch audio experience. In fact, Ropes is already picking up hype, especially with it being the earphones of choice for all USA athletes at the Brazil Olympic! ATARI’s also cashed in on the Ropes rolling stone, with the hopes to bring the earphones to gamers world over!

Okay, so what is Ropes, you ask? Only the most crazy-awesome set of Bluetooth buds ever! Ropes absolutely changes the earphone game, giving you much more control over your music. While the audio drivers guarantee beautiful rich audio, an equalizer app allows you to tweak your music and get the best out of your audio as well as hardware. Ropes comes with a pretty healthy looking amplifier unit that allows the earphones to be the audio beasts they are. The audio that comes out of the earpieces is not only powerful, it’s also near-lossless (because phones come with crappy sound cards that absolutely massacre audio quality). With the Ropes, you’ll feel like you’ve suddenly shifted from 360p to 1080p on YouTube, but instead with audio!

Ropes may boast of an absolutely beefed hardware game, but coming from a co-creator of Beats, Ropes nails it in the design department too. Its Bluetooth build immediately makes it a wireless hassle-free solution (it’s the first Bluetooth headset to come WITH an amplifier). The Ropes name comes from the way the earphones hang from the neck. A clever layout allows for beautiful wire-management, making the earphones hang from your neck with ease. Its wrap-around design ensures the earphones will never fall off your body no matter what you’re doing (if an Olympic athlete can wear and endorse the Ropes, you’ve got nothing to fret about!)

Even with all this going on, the Ropes are pretty slick looking. The amplifier hangs off the neck looking like a sapphire pendant. The red cables travel around the neck and into the ear, making the Ropes not just supremely secure and functional, but an absolute eye grabber too! Mark my words, guys… Next Big Thing!

Designer: ROAM Studio

Buy It Here: $119 $199