Because everyone should cook!

Cooking, like any art form requires skill and passion. Passion comes easy, skill doesn’t… and when one has the skill, being limited by physical capabilities can be quite disheartening. Oneware is a set of kitchen apparatuses for one-handed people who still want to or need to cook. The name also has an element of inclusion in it, one kitchen and one soul!

Oneware is designed to eliminate the need for a second hand. The chopping board comes with spikes on which one can fix the vegetables or fruits. Cutting them becomes easier when the fruits/veggies are held in place. The Oneware also has a dish-washing mat made of a high-friction elastomer. The mat’s textures help hold the dish in place while one hand scrubs it vigorously. Pores in the dish help drain the water out.

I’ve come to appreciate inclusive design efforts like the Oneware. They are most definitely perceived as medical products, but most times they just require envisioning life through the user’s eyes. A simple feature or hack can help make a product or technology accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities!

Designer: Lim Loren