Move over, Bendy Straw! You’re yesterday!


Don’t say you’ve never been fascinated by bendy straws. They’re just engaging and so hands-on. Given a choice, I’d always opt for the bendy ones over the mundane straight straws. The Flexible Straw is like Bendy Straw 2.0 with its fun spiral design. Not only does it bend in any direction, it has spring action, making it the perfect straw for bottles. The straw just compresses into the bottle when you put the cap on, plus it also pops out when you take the cap off, without needing any manual bending or folding/unfolding.

The most obvious con of this design is that the spiral uses much more material than the regular bendy straw. The most obvious pro to counter that is getting to watch the fluid travel up the straw in that funky spiral direction!

The Flexible Straw is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2015.

Designers: Li Jing-Lin & Su Ya-Wen.