This isn’t a post about a planter


This isn’t a planter. You’ve been warned. The ‘Grow’ is much more complex than that. Designer Malgorzata Blachnicka compares it to a kitchen tool/appliance, much like a bread knife, or a blender. The reason being because Grow is engineered to perfection. It’s guaranteed to deliver results, and requires a minimal learning curve, much like using a kitchen appliance. The Grow is used primarily to grow sprouts for consumption/preparation. Further down the line, the Grow can be used to grow other superfoods like Quinoa grains or Goji berries, Chia seeds, etc.

The Grow isn’t a planter because it’s way more complex than that. The kit comes as a consolidated solution to grow your food. Electronic integration and sensors help you track your plant’s progress in real-time, knowing exactly when it’s ready to consume. I guess the most impressive bit is that the Grow delves into material engineering too, with its seed-blisters. These are pad shaped pieces of nutrient-enriched mass with seeds pre-inserted in them. All one does is soak these blisters in water before planting them vertically inside the Grow. The Grow’s construction takes care of the rest allowing for fresh water and air to constantly reach the plant. The dome ensures that humidity and temperatures are ideal for the plant’s growth (literally a greenhouse). As a guy who’s designed stuff of a similar nature, I’ve grown to appreciate conceptual designs of this nature, with their pretty renderings… but not fully. The Grow, however, isn’t just a concept. Prototypes of the Grow are already underway, and you can see a successfully functioning blister-pad proto somewhere down in the image gallery. Isn’t this just an exciting time to be alive?!

Dessigner: Malgorzata Blachnicka