Glass Smash Made Easy


There are a number of disastrous scenarios in which you might need to escape the inside of a bus. Currently, exit points are generally limited to the front and rear doors so it is occasionally necessary to break a window, however, it can be difficult. The Corner Breaker is one simple, smart solution that makes it easy to break a window in emergency situations. By pulling the handle, and then releasing it, the elasticity of the returning spring provides the strength to break the window. To make sure this mechanism is not carelessly used, an alarm sounds whenever the handle is pulled. In this way, breaking windows in an emergency is intuitive, safe and requires less effort. It’s particularly useful for children or the elderly who may lack strength to break a normal window.

The Corner Breaker is a 2015 Red Dot Concept Award winner.

Designers: Deng Pei-Chih, Yang Jhu-Ting, Lin Kuan-Wen, Chang Ken-Tzu, & Chiu Kai-Shin