A Trampoline for your Bum!


The Suzak is one of those products where if you sat on it with your eyes closed, you’d just enjoy the seating experience without knowing how bizarre it looks. Open your eyes and you’re in for a sculptural treat. The Suzak chair, in all honesty, looks like a hammock had love-babies with the catapult from Angry Birds. Its unconventional design aesthetic is most assuredly going to jazz up your place. Not to mention the line of people who’ll be fighting to sit on it.

Suzak comes in two sizes, with various customizable elements (you can choose your fabric color, and even buy separate elastic cords to mix and match). The chair’s unique construction allows it to adapt to your seating style, like a beanbag, while also giving it some bounce, thanks to the heavy-duty elastic cords. The specially woven fabric is breathable, hygienic, and washable too. The High caliber steel framework can take a good amount of stress… and it’s a good thing too, because we know you’re going to want to bounce up an down on the chair I just referred to as a Bum Trampoline! 😉

Designer: QSTO Design

Buy It Here: $124.99 $200.00