Replacing the campfire with ‘lamp’fire


Any avid camper will know the importance of having a portable light with them. Not the flashlight on your phone, but more like a lantern or lamp. Now imagine how great it would be to have four lamps. Okay? Now imagine how much greater it would be if each lamp was also a power-bank for your gadgets. That’s what the Clover Lamp is. Available as a set of four modular quadrant lamps, the Clover has individual units that can snap together to form a bright 360° light emitting device. When individually used, it works great as a vertical area light and even a flashlight too, plus get this… each individual unit contains a mammoth Li-ion battery that can power your devices for up to 40 hours.

Aside from being a well rounded design solution, the Clover is smart too. It comes bundled with an app that allows you to change the brightness and color of the vertical light. The app also has a feature that can have you flashing emergency signals for when you need help. Now isn’t that one clever little device?!

Designer: Sam Langner [ Buy It Here ]