The Instagram Filter Lamp!


Who needs to color manipulate pictures for the perfect shot when your lighting can just about do the job to perfection?? Well, that’s just one application of the Caffeine lamp by Heavn. The lamp was actually envisioned as the only lighting that actually works in tandem with the body’s ‘biorhythm’. Artificial light isn’t something the body is used to. Stay indoors for too long and you’ll feel unwell. Sunlight actually has therapeutic purposes, and Heavn realizes that. The Caffeine Lamp allows you to switch between lighting modes that give your body and mind what it needs. The Caffeine’s outdoor mode gets it to mimic sunlight, allowing your eyes to adjust to natural settings. It also has a work and relax mode, that alternates between cooler and warmer light. Cool lighting tends to boost performance (the blue wavelength inhibits sleep), whereas warm light makes one feel relaxed and at ease. Simple buttons allow you to have full control over the Caffeine lamp, and effectively your well-being! Although you can still click some wicked selfies for Instagram if you wanted to!

Designer: Heavn