The Name’s Bond(ic)…


The Bondic is the James Bond of the adhesive world. No matter what, it’ll do the job. Plus, its fancy gadget-y design makes it look like something Mr. Bond would carry himself… I mean a Glue-pen with a UV light? That’s some sci-fi stuff right there!

The Bondic is more than an adhesive applicator with a light on top. In fact, it isn’t ‘glue’ at all. The pen is filled with liquid plastic that only hardens when exposed to UV light. All you need to do is apply the liquid over the areas that need gluing, and expose them to the UV for about 4 seconds to allow the plastic to ‘cure’ and turn solid. This magical little device claims to out-power superglue because it provides a more lasting and controlled bond. The plastic can be layered, and even sanded to give you an immaculate smooth finish. What’s more, it works with any material you can think of, ranging from wood, to metal, fabric, and obviously plastic too. Plus, since the liquid only solidifies when exposed to the UV light, you don’t need to worry about sticking those pesky fingers together!

Buy It Here: $11.95






Buy It Here: $11.95