Make Coffee with Metric Accuracy

You could pop a pod in your Nespresso machine and get a fairly decent cup of coffee, or you could perform the hallowed ritual of brewing one of the world’s most popular beverages. If you ask me, I’m much more of the latter kind of guy. It takes an extra minute but is tonnes more rewarding. There’s a sense of finesse, of control, and of responsibility that you get when you brew a coffee from scratch. You choose the beans, the fineness of the grind, the brew-time, and even how much you want to brew. You can’t achieve that sort of control with a Nespresso Pod.

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is somewhere between an art and a science. If the ratios and timings are perfected, the coffee you brew could quite literally blow your mind. While getting those measurements and that timing nailed can be somewhat of a daunting task, coffee-brewers like the Draw by Drip make it easier by doing the hard work for you. A full-feature drip-brew coffee maker, the Draw comes with a ceramic cone, a BPA-free Tritan container, and an in-built scale and timer with a display integrated into a silicone leash on the container.

Making a cup of coffee with Draw becomes much easier because it provides you with the tools you need to brew your cuppa down to the nearest gram and the nearest ten seconds. The silicone leash on the side comes with a display integrated right into it that lets you measure the amount of coffee you place in the filter, the amount of water you pour, and finally lets you time the entire process with a 5 minute timer that counts in 10 second increments. The brewed coffee finally collects in the Tritan container below, just waiting to be poured into your favorite cup and relished to the last drop. Sure instant coffee is easier, but when has the easier path led to better things??

Designer: Sangkyun Park

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The Draw by drip coffee server will give you precise details on how much water you put in, the extraction quantity, and even the brewing time to help you find a consistent taste you really want.




They collaborated with Holzklotz to create a dripper set that consists of a ceramic dripper and a holder for draw by drip. The twenty seven protruding ribbing lines give the right extraction speed, to help bring out the subtle notes within each coffee batch, and allows beginner baristas to easily create a quality cup of coffee.

The rib design on the A27 was the result of them trying to find the ultimate extraction speed through multiple trials and errors, such as 3D modeling and 3D printing. They also wanted to create a thin design that can’t be found in our traditional ceramic drippers. This helped them reduce the weight, roughness, and discomfort that might accompany a typical ceramic dripper.


A weight sensor built into the bottom of the product shows how much water is put into the container. The coffee server displays weight in increments of 1 gram up to 1 kilogram. The capacity of the container is 500 ml.


When the weight measurement begins, the timer is automatically activated. The time is displayed in 10 second increments and can count up to 5 minutes.

Built-in LED Display

Using a scale built into the container, measure the weight of the coffee beans, the amount of water you put in the server, and the amount of coffee extracted in grams. The figures will light up on the LED displays that is subtly hidden inside the silicon strap. The silicon strap is located on a downward angle, so you can check the amount without having to scale at your eye level.

Button Function

The top button turns draw by drip on/off and tares the scale. Press the bottom button to measure the amount of coffee extracted separate from the amount of water poured in once you decide that the brewing process is complete.


How’s draw by drip Any Different?

Traditionally, you had to prepare scales and servers separately for pour-over coffee. What if the coffee server showed you how much to put in by itself in increments of 1 gram, without having to look at lines at an awkward angle? More accurately, without an extra scale.

A variety of pour-over coffee recipes are usually offered in a way that measures the amount of water put in and brewing time. However there are different shapes and sizes of drippers, and the amount of the coffee extracted can depend on the type of dripper you use. It’s hard to measure both the amount of water put in and the amount of coffee extracted using traditional scales.

Draw by drip has absolute conversion function that measures the amount of the coffee extracted in the server.


Click here to Buy Now: $69 $106 (36% off)