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Imagine taking a pen and changing the refill to write in a different color, except the pen is the 3Dsimo, and the refills are modules that let you build, engrave, drill, solder, and do a bunch of other things. 3Dsimo is a pen with detachable modules, featuring everything from a plastic filament extruder to a rotating drill bit, soldering iron, foam-cutter, motorized screw-driver, and even a heat-engraving tool.

All these parts snap to the working end of the 3Dsimo’s pen-shaped handle, like a drill bit snaps onto a drill’s tip. The 3Dsimo pen then turns into whatever you plug into its front, giving you the power to draw in 3 dimensions, cut foam using a heat-tool, carve/engrave or smoothen out your sculptures to add details, pull apart and put together products using the screwdriver, perform home-DIY using the drill, and even work with electronics using a soldering module. Whether you’re building, repairing, or even customizing products, everything conveniently exists within the realm of the 3Dsimo, a tool that’s small enough to replace an entire workshed of instruments. The 3Dsimo is compact, convenient, and with its special Cyber Monday discount, you can grab the entire 3Dsimo kit at a special price of $199. Scroll down to look at how the 3Dsimo pen-tool can be used to print models, carve or cut materials, fix broken products, solder together electronics, and customize the things you own!

Designer: Petr Duba

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How to Use the 3Dismo MultiPro

Make a painting using the burning tool to wood, and forget about using pen and paper again.

Foam cutting attachment for 3Dsimo MultiPro is very handy. Imagine what you could do if you had a bigger one? Now you don’t have to. Check out different sized foam cuttings we made to allow you to work on bigger projects.

How to make a God of War sword (it glows, and it is really sharp).

Customize your shoes and wallet with 3Dsimo MultiPro.

Home Improvement with 3DSIMO MultiPro.

Click Here to Buy Now: up to 60% off sitewide. Hurry, less than 12 hours left!