A’ Design Awards & Competition – Winners 2015-16

What is the purpose of design awards? To celebrate good design? Absolutely. How about to reward good design as well? The A’ Design Awards and Competition, as I’ve said before, not only recognizes good design, but gives it the good exposure it needs and deserves. This helps not just the designer, but the design grow too. Where else can you have your design viewed and judged by a jury panel of over 70 of the industry’s finest and most seasoned designers?? Aside from that, the A’ Design Awards and Competition work towards making sure good design is universally recognized, appreciated, and in many cases, taken forward.

Scroll down to see the designs that won the A’ Design Award this year. We’ve handpicked 15 of the finest designs, but if you’re still hungry for more good design, check out all the winners here.

Lockblock by Dan Kulp
Knives are dangerous, especially in the hands of your children. The Lockblock is ingeniously designed to lock your knives in a way that only adult hands can open them. They boast of 96% accuracy!

i.Dummy Leggs by Dr. Allan Chan & Gordon Wong

Humans come in all shapes and sizes. Mannequins should too. The i.Dummy is a shape-shifting mannequin that can morph to replicate multiple body types, making it the foundation for a more inclusive fashion industry.

Coral Flower Vase by Steve Lee
The Coral Flower vase is an absolutely beautiful, organic vase design with a network of hollow tubes that intersect each other to create something that looks absolutely ethereal.

Spyker Trivet by Prompong Hakk

The Spyker Trivet is a stand for hot utensils that can fold up and slide into the tiniest of cabinets when not in use. Its food-grade silicone covers come in a variety of colors. Yummy!

Green Science by Flora Lam & Bonnie Mak & Ricky Wong

I’d say it’s important for kids these days to grasp science principles, as well as learn their best about making the earth a greener and better place. The Green Earth games kit does both!

memobottle™ by Jesse Leeworthy
The Memobottles bring a much needed newness into the bottle-design domain! Using paper sizes as a reference, these bottles are super-slim, reusable, and can easily slip into your bags.

Shadowbrook 3D Printed Faucet by DXV
We’ve all seen the Shadowbrook faucet somewhere or the other. This beautiful 3D printed tap looks organic and futuristic at the same time. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous!

Trempel Hanger by Viktor Puzur & Mihail Puzur
The Trempel reuses large cardboard tubes in an unusual way. It uses them to hang clothes. Although I highly doubt our clothes will ever be as stylish as these hangers.

Qwikflip 6-IN-1 Activity Center by Grow’n Up R&D Team
The Qwikflip is for the restless and energetic child. Designed to be six games/toys in one, the Qwikflip will ensure your kid is always on his toes, occupied, and never bored!

Smarter USB Adapter by inDare Design & Baseus Manufacture
Something about the Smarter seems right. Why can’t the charger do more than just charge? Why can’t it display relevant charging information as well? All our electronic items multitask, and maybe our charging adapters should too.

Turn-Lock by inDare,Ge Wai Design Management Co.,Ltd.
The Turn-Lock presents quite an elegant solution for combining door handles with locks. Just by marrying the two into a sleek and unified avatar.

ageLOC Me by Nu Skin Enterprises
AgeLOC Me’s anti-ageing skincare solution looks like putting your hand through a time-machine to make you younger. I guess that logic really adds to the ageLOC Me’s innovative approach to customized skincare.

Shelter Pack by Hakan Gürsu
The Shelter Pack is a collapsible shelter structure that can easily be transported to disaster zones to provide a safe haven to victims/refugees.

Brave Jet Syringe by Ilmo Ahn, Jisu Kim & Juyeon Baek & SeonwooPyo
How do you get kids to be less afraid of injections? Gamify the concept! The Brave Jet is a toy that also can be added to the syringe design to make an otherwise scary procedure much more child-friendly.

Architech Footwear by Alan Guyan
The Architech’s 3D printed sole does two things brilliantly. One, it increases performance, and two, it gives the footwear an unusual, appealing, and iconic design!

Impressed? Inspired? Well then, go ahead and save your spot for next year’s A’ Design Award! The Registrations are now open! So go enter the competition and nominate your designs for your chance to fame, prestige and international publicity!