The washing/sharing machine


As a bachelor, I can attest that the washing machine is like a kingdom tht needs to be annexed. If one person has the kingdom, the power is completely in their hands. My flatmate has a tendency of taking roughly 24 hours for an otherwise 2 hour wash. He leaves his clothes in the tub for ages before actually putting them on the clothesline to dry. For people with such etiquette, or the lack of it, the Quinque stands out as a washing machine built for people who share a roof.

The Quinque works on a unique concept of having two chambers. A wash chamber, and a storage chamber (divided into 5 separate compartments). The person using the machine just has to place their clothes inside the washing tub, and Quinque performs the necessary wash cycle on it. Once the clothes are washed, they enter a compartment in the storage chamber, where they are kept until they are collected by their respective owner. The storage chamber can be used by multiple people, and people can pre-plan their washes by just placing the load inan empty compartment. The washing machine then will wash and re-store the clothes based on your wash plan. You can create a customize-able wash plan with your fellow flatmates, setting your own start and end times, and the machine will do the rest.

The design of the machine is undoubtedly unique, bordering on iconic. Being a wall mounted design, the machine is perfectly circular. The circular front door/panel and even the circular ring display around the glass complement each other, creating what is easily a fresh, clean, and balanced design built around a unique and (speaking as a bachelor) brilliant concept.

Designer: Kyumin Ha







Quinque 비핸스