Louder than a Snake’s Hiss

Snakes is a set of portable speakers that can be manipulated to any size or orientation, for your listening pleasure. They can be used together or independently and are in three versions: small, medium and large. These Bluetooth enabled slytherines come with built-in microphones and good for conferences as well.

As Junonna explains, “The main feature of the columns is that they easily transform as you like. You can rotate each segment about its axis by 360 degrees and still they have a good sound to 360 degrees. This adds functionality and entertainment.”

Designer: Junonna Trotsiuk


  • Jimmy C says:

    Very creative. I love the whole “Rubik’s Twist” vibe, and the chrome looks amazing.

  • ira says:

    Yes, this is totally a rip-off of that Rubik’s Snake that was around in the 80s. Apple even has an app for it.

  • Grey says:

    Yes it is, but it was never a speaker in the 80’s…unless you playing with the app and listening to music at the same time…this is still pretty cool.

  • Bigg says:

    Bluetooth technology tends to severely limit the frequency range. I wonder what the specs look like. They look really cool.

  • Ashwin says:

    Hi, Where can I buy these speakers. I am from India

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  • chris says:

    Where do I buy these?

  • t says:

    there so cool 🙂

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