Air that’s perfect to breathe


Writing about design can sometimes teach you a couple of things. For instance, today’s product is something I’ve encountered for the first time. An Air Washer. Air washers (from what I read up) are basically humidifiers, but they work as dehumidifiers too, and they also purify the air you breathe. Usually placed as a 2-in-1 solution, an Air Washer is perfect for situations where air purity and climate control are paramount.

The Air Washer designed by Dongwook Yoon and Junyoung Hong aims at making a sculpture out of the appliance, given its niche market. Made to fit into the house it belongs in, the product goes for a geometric style, going for a shape that’s a cross between an ellipsoid and a cuboid. The controls on the top are minimal and display-centric. A secondary display on the white body comes alive too, allowing you to know the temperature/humidity level just in case the upper display is out of sight.

I personally love a few of the design choices. The secondary screen shining through the plastic adds quite a wow-element. The overall design does (to me) resemble a laundry hamper, but that’s something I’m willing to overlook, given how clean the product looks otherwise. After all, that’s what a purifier SHOULD embody, right? Cleanliness.

Designers: Dongwook Yoon & Junyoung Hong.