Electricity Is A Dangerous Game

Developing countries and emerging economies are facing challenges in properly distributing and building out their electric grids. Unfortunately energy needs are now being met by people running the black market and many are getting hurt. Some people have resorted to stealing it by creating their own makeshift access lines leaving a tangled and hazardous mess behind. The TUME concept solves these issues by creating a new infrastructure that can grow just as fast as demand.

TUME BASE stations are setup in public spaces. Anyone with a TUME ACCESS unit can plug into the base station to draw power. Credits can be purchased online, thru mobile phones, and existing brick and mortar shops. The idea is people want to be legit about their power needs. They are willing to pay for it. They just need a safe and easy way to do it.

Designer: NOS Design

TUME - Top-up Mobile Electricity Solution by NOS Design